When Meditation Is Not Enough

When Bad Lands: A Buddhist Guide for Falling Down is the recently completed and yet-to-be-published book by Alan Anderson. It explores overcoming self-deception and offers seven skills to develop when working through difficult times. Rich with Buddhist wisdom from teachers such as Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and full of practical advice, this book is a guide for anyone who experiences struggle.

Advance Praise

Alan Anderson has written a compelling guide for relating with — or reawakening — our heart and mind when we are consumed by discouragement and self doubt…a place we’ve all been at one point or another. His commitment to be continually open and share his hard gained personal experience and insights generously makes his wisdom available to all of us.   

— Acharya Eric Spiegel

When Bad Lands is a guide to navigate the human experience that is at once simple and comprehensive (kind of like life itself!). Alan Anderson does a brilliant job of compiling wisdom both ancient and modern, while offering new insights and quite practical techniques to realize the miracle of basic goodness. The 7 Skills presented in When Bad Lands are crucial to sanity and clarity in our wonderfully and increasingly chaotic society. 

— Arno Michaelis IV, author of My Life After Hate

It is deeply refreshing to read Alan Anderson’s honest and challenging perspective on mindfulness meditation. His is a genuine Buddhist view: Mindfulness is absolutely necessary, but not at all sufficient. The core of the Buddhist path is facing our fears, accepting our frailties—and others’—with an open heart, and allowing our innate wisdom to be revealed.

— Acharya Richard John